How to tell if a popular celebrity twitter account is real


Ok… More and more people that I know are getting twitter accounts as they hear about celebrities and businesses that mention they are twittering on the TV, radio, or where-ever….

but how do you know if @willienelson is really the real Willie Nelson… or any other celebrity twitter or Facebook account you follow is really who they say they are…

I often go to this site called . I am sure there are other sites that do the same thing as them, but basically this site verifies people are who they say they are on these various social networking sites.

The navigation on the site has a bit to be desired for in my opinion, but you can basically search for a celeb to see if they are on Valebrity’s list, or you can browse by genre of Actor’s, Music, Government, Sports, Etc…

Try browsing genre’s of actors on your favorite show, or your favorite band and you might get updates on whats happening with them before the news covers it… good luck.

What is this twitter thing

So this week I had a few different people ask me to help them set up personal twitter accounts…

it was sort of a coincidence that they all asked me around the same time, and I found it interesting that each one had their own reasons… none of them really knew what twitter was though, just that they heard about it on TV or in marketing magazines and wanted to hop on the twitter band wagon. The motivation to hop on the twitter wagon didn’t surprise me too much… after all, almost every show in TV advertises to follow them on twitter… from Good Morning America to Ellen Degeneres, to CNN Headline news to Ashton Kutcher making news with his twitter page.

So what is twitter? It my opinion it is sort of like a mix between a macro blog and a social network such as facebook or myspace… its not really a replacement for either the blog or the social network… but something different. Its a way to tell people what your doing… instantly… but more than that, for me it is more of a way to follow people and news feeds… getting updates on stories from the people in the story, not just the media writing the story. Basically, if your interested in tweeting its easy, set up a twitter account at… once your setup you can search for people to follow navigating the menus at the top of the page.. search for your friends, or follow your favorite news feed… or both… I tend to follow more personal feeds of people that are famous entrepreneurs or heads of corporations… I find using twitter in this gets me the news faster than the news people gets it to me… I set my mom and my aunt up with twitter accounts so they could follow my brother as he tweets from his phone, uploading pictures as he tours around the country with his fiancee. I also set up the business manager at my architectural firm with a twitter account, as she read more and more businesses are using twitter as marketing tools along with the social networking sites and she wanted to do the same. Some people just set up twitter to forward tweets to their cell phone and constantly update what they are doing for friends to see and comment. My point is there are lots of reasons to tweet (the act of using twitter)… so sign up if you want to try it… its free, and if its not for you just stop using it.