What is Windows Media Center?

Ever wonder… “How do I get rid of my cable box” or get pissed off at how lousy the dvr interface from your cable company is… wish there was another option. Well, There is another solution… and its called Windows Media Center. For those of you that have windows 7, you have the software built into your computer already, and with a little, to no, start up cost, you can get your TV to communicate to this state of the art DVR built into your computer, as seamlessly as the interface on your Comcast box (AKA it will be wife & mom proof). This DVR however will have many, many, many more features, that I’ll get into later… I’ve switched over about 3 years ago, and I will never go back to renting Comcast’s crappy box, paying extra for their crappy HD box, or paying even more for their crappy DVR service…

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HDTV Feeds

I added a permanent page to my blog about the various types of HDTV feeds you can have… most people think you can only get HDTV by having a set top box from your cable provider… in fact you can get HDTV from an antenna, and from something called a QAM tuner that may be built into your newer TV’s already. Check out my page to find out more about the various ways of getting HDTV to your HDTV ready television.