Netflix is Bombing

So I read an article by Brian Stelter about Netflix not-renewing its “STARZ Deal”, next month (March 2012). In case you did not know… Netflix’s new release selection for streaming is pitiful at best, and the movies they do have from the past 8 years (with somewhat of a good in the box office run) are 9 times out of 10 from their deal with STARZ. Netflix’s argument in short is  they want to focus on more TV shows than they do movies… stating they know they do not have their costumers #1 choice when they log on to view a certain movie… but they have other stuff in the form of TV shows that same customer should enjoy.

So I ask the question… is Netflix suffering from corporate sabotage within… are they literally trying to bomb their own company to the ground? Why else are there so many consumer point of view “stupid” decisions coming out pf this, up to now, successful company.If I wanted more TV shows I would not sign up with a company that had the word “flix” in their name. Netflix already lost a lot of support from their consumer base when they jacked their prices way up and tried to forcefully separate their DVD rental + streaming into separate paid for services and companies.

As a longtime subscriber to Netflix I joined for the convenience of getting DVD’s in the mail with no return dates or late fees, It was simple and worked for me. Then they offered their “streaming service” as a bonus, but in reality they really all it had were “B” and “C” rated movies. Now they are charging me almost triple what I was paying  4 years ago, wanting me to watch the service I don’t want to watch while separating from the services I do want, and telling me the titles I want to see are not really what I want to see… instead here is more stuff that is somewhat good for you according to our suggestion algorithms.

I understand the movie studios are making it tough for streaming services, but in reality separating yourself from how you are most profitable (read DVD+BD) and hoping that your customer base will be loyal with 3rd and 4th choice titles is insane from a business standpoint. I currently have Netflix and loved it when it was such a unique service. However, now that there is competition for digital media providers popping up with Easier Vudu access, Amazon prime, HULU plus, and HBO Go, and others,  it is not so unique anymore.  Add the fact that they are making me look at their streaming service separately from their rental service instead of a bonus with not so competitive pricing plans, you are forcing your consumers to look at alternative options. Which sorry Netfix,  I think I will start doing at the end of next month.

Netflix Kids Movies On-Demand Watch Instantly

Back in 2008 netflix signed a few distribution deals, one of which is ABC, which owns Disney. Netflix most likely did this because they wanted to expand their online content, and ABC / Disney did this most likely because it is an additional income they would otherwise not receive from online content… After DVD sales and rentals the next market in my opinion is online streaming. Why I am bringing this up in this post you may be asking…well… While Netflix’s online streaming content may not have the latest blockbuster releases (although I will give them credit for continuing to expand it)… With that said, their online kids movie selection is rather quite large, with the latest Disney, Pixar, and other latest releases… If you have kids and a netflix subscription… Check out their streaming “watch it now” section either online thru your computer, or thru a netflix enabled blue-ray player, Xbox 360 console or Roku box on your living room TV with the family… You won’t be disappointed. PS… They also have a lot of the great shows from the early 80’s that my generation grew up with… now my son will be able to marvel at the awesomeness of the A-team like I did growing up… when he’s old enough… ;P