DNS Change = Better interwebs

The other day I thought my Comcast internet connection was out… weird thing was my Vonage VoIP internet telephone service was still working… i just couldn’t browse the web. This led me to the conclusion it was the “Com-crap-stic” DNS servers that were out, not their entire network. Good news is you can change your DNS numbers on your computer or router… and sometimes it may even make your internet browsing faster!!!

In layman’s terms, One of the most important jobs for a DNS server is to point what you type in the web addresses of your internet browser to the the actual “intent address” known as an IP. So when you type “www.google.com” in… your computer talks to a DNS server that tells it your actually trying to get to… because google is easier to remember than those number, but try pasting those numbers in your web address and it will get to google all the same.

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