Avatar, Gravatar, Shmavatar???

This might interest some of you internet savy peeps. We all heard of Avatars… well if you haven’t that’s OK too. Avatars are usually the pictures that represent you on forums and blogs next to your posts or comments… as shown on the snap shot below of some engadget comment-ers… However if you ever wanted to change your avatar and you frequent many, many sites… you used to have to go to all those sites to change them manually…


…well there is a new concept in town and it is called Gravatars (read: Globaly Recognized Avatar)… check out the site en.gravatar.com… it basically links your avitars to however many email addresses you use… now when you go to choose your avatar in account setup of various websites, you can choose your gravitar… If you want to change you just go to your one gravatar account… I think this could be a very refreshing concept if more sites give you the option to use a gravatar

Content will come, but I need to clear the road first


My blog is live…. but where’s the content you ask?…. well I am actually doing a lot of admin stuff in the background that no one can really see (clearing the road for the posts to come)…  hence why it looks like there is no content yet…. and why I have not publicized before the date of this post… If you discovered this on accident, hang in there and come back…  soon enough you’ll start to see more and more posts, that hopefully entertain and/or inform you… thanks

Hello World!!!

I am finally cool enough to start my own blog about technology for the end user, technology in architecture, and what ever else I want to say becuase it’s my blog. You can read what I intend to blog about on my about page. You can also subscribe to the RSS feeds on this page to get updated whenever I post something new.  Feel free to comment on any of my posts though, and don’t be shy to ask any questions. The only stupid question is the one I regret hearing at the end of a good night that could have been better… do we need more alcohol?