gOOlier’s ARE Study Guide

Trying to be a hip architect are you?


Well then… you’ll have to get through taking the ARE’s first… one of the last steps in the long process of actually becoming licensed. Although the title of the post says study guide… I actually put together a page that is more of a study resource.  It’s a work in process at the moment as I am in the middle of taking all 7 tests, but I will update it as I go through the process, in the hopes of it helping someone else out. Check out my resource page here!

Good Luck.


AIA Contract Docs for ARE Canidates

If your studying for the ARE’s… specifically the CDS-Construction Documents and Services… the AIA has made available some of the key contracts covered on the test for ARE candidates…. All you need to do is log into your record… then go

  1. Log into “My NCARB”
  2. Click “Go” to access your NCARB Record
  3. Follow link for ARE Candidates: Construction Documents & Services Resources visible in the lower left of your Record.

…or just click this link after you log into your NCARB record.


at the time of this post the following contract documents were available for study purposes.

Conventional Family

  • A101-2007           Owner and Contractor (Stipulated Sum)
  • A201-2007           General Conditions
  • A701-1997           Instructions to Bidders
  • B101-2007           Owner and Architect
  • B101-2007A        Document B101-2007 Exhibit A
  • C401-2007           Architect and Consultant

Contract Administration and Project Management Forms

  • A305-1986           Contractor’s Qualification Statement
  • G701-2001           Change Order
  • G702-1992           Application and Certificate for Payment
  • G703-1992           Continuation Sheet
  • G704-2000           Certificate of Substantial Completion