Chrysler Factory Computer Seat Belt & More Hacks


So we entered the man-van stage of my vehilces… man-vans are like mini-vans, but cooler… because I drive them :). Anyway… some of the “safety” features in new cars drive me nuts… call me ignorant, stupid, whatever… I don’t care, but they annoy me sometimes and I want to disable them if possible… and I’m sharing how I did it here. The engineers of newer computerized cars usually allow backdoor sequences for someone to change various programming options without needing special equipment for the vehicles diagnostic port.  What this means is you can disable most of these features annoyances by searching the inter-webs or even deep down in your car owner’s manual. Here are some of the features I figured out how on my 2012 Chrysler Town and Country.

These factory hacks will most likely work for any newer Chrysler, Dodge, and even jeep models as they are all sister companies of each other and usually share more common electrical parts, such as the computer hardware / software. However, with that said, I’ve only tested these on my own Town and Country. Same goes with GMC, Chevy, Cadillac, and Buick are all sister companies of each other… so even if these hacks most likely won’t work with those brands, you can try looking in forums of other sister brands of your specific vehicle.


Disable Seat Belt Chime:

1. Hop in your car, close all the doors and buckle the seat belt.

2. Start the engine and wait until seatbelt light on dash goes off. When it does go out unplug seatbelt and wait for seatbelt light on dash to go on again. Unplug seatbelt and repeat this process so you unplug and re-plug seatbelt a total of 3 times within 60 seconds or so… ending with the seatbelt plugged in.

3. With the seatbelt still plugged in (or buckled) turn off the engine. The Chrysler 300 forum I got this info from said you should hear a chime when the car turns off, but I didn’t on my van. But I do not hear that seat belt chime when the driver or passenger decide not to buckle up either.

Notes: If you want to turn the chime back on simply repeat the steps above. Also note, that although this disables the chime, you will still see “seat belts” light on the dash and the EVIC will display a message about buckling up… but no chime at least. If I figure out how to disable the messages I will post that as well.


Disable Auto-Door’s locking when vehicle starts moving:

This feature locks all the vehicles doors once a speed of 15 mph is reached. In my 2005 Jeep Liberty Limited you could navigate the EVIC menus overhead to disable it. On my 2012 Chrysler Town & Country I did not see this option in the EVIC menu, however you can still enable / disable by doing the following.

1. Hop in the car and close all the vehicles, stick the key in and leave it in the off position for 20 seconds or so.

2. Turn the key to the on positions (do turn key all the way to start position.. if the engine turn over to start take the key out and restart the process) then turn it back the off position.

3. Repeat this on – off sequence of the key for a total of 4 times within 60 seconds.

4. End the sequence with the key in the off position, and now hit the driver side lock button on the door. They say you should hear a chime, but I didn’t… however my doors don’t lock at 15MPH any more.