How do I add a network folder to a Windows 7 library

Windows 7 has some neat little features… one of them is the libraries folders you can see on the left side bar when you open up windows explorer or my computer. You can set up your own too, but i kept getting an error when i wanted to add a folder that was on a network share on my home server.

…however I kept getting an error when trying to add my network shared folder about not being able to add “non-indexed” files. After doing some searches I kept getting stupid answers about making offline files… which is pointless on a machine with 320GB hard drive and a network folder over 2TB of pictures and movies on my server… I did find a few another solutions that did work though and was painlessly easy and took under 30 seconds to do with 3 simple steps.

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iTunes 10 on Windows Server 2003 (or Home Server)

Have you been wondering how do I install itunes 10 on a Windows Home Server or Windows Server 2003?

My office recently bought an iPad and we wanted it to sync with our server, running windows server 2003. Problem was during the install of iTunes 10, i got an error… “apple mobile device support failed to install”… The install would complete and everything worked, except when i plugged in the iPad… it would not connect / sync with the server.

I searched the interweb’s and found a few solutions… the easiest (that worked for me) is below… we basically have to manipulate the install of itunes so it does not check the operating system and fail at installing the “apple mobile support”… it sounds tougher than it is, but its actually relatively easy if you are comfortable with installing a few small free programs… this should work with Windows Home Server as well, seeing as its built off of Windows Server 2k3… The steps to do this are Below

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