I don’t need no f*ckin’ case on my phone


Every day, I carry one of the most advance pieces of technology in the known universe. Not too long ago, people wouldn’t be able to fathom the capabilites this device can do for me . Add to this the fact that the device is so well designed and precision engineered to the micron that its able to fit in my pocket… well then… now we got something really special. So special circa 2006’s James Bond would be envious, and 1964’s Bond would think I’m from space its so far out of his league of imagination.

And I don’t have a case for this device…  Because, unlike my grandma, I don’t cover my sofas with plastic.

So I cracked….errr…. shattered my iPhone 6 like the second week I got it. The screen and digitizer were more than i liked to pay, so as self punishment I lived with it for a few months… I’ve finally ordered the new screen this week. Friends and family keep asking me though… are you going to get a case now?


haha… this post from gizmodo pretty much sums up why. I thought it was a really good editorial tech piece of writing I thought I’d back link to it here incase anyone hasn’t read it yet.


iOS7 Halloween Hack… sort of



A Co-Worker told me about this hidden setting… It essentially inverts the default color pallet of your phone. At first I thought it was just the colors of the app icons to make them anti-apple, but then I quickly realized it does it to all the menus in the apps themselves as well as pictures.

This invert trick turned the blues to a cool orange color and made pics of my son’s look like zombie kids… perfect for halloween if you can stand browsing web pages and what not like this… worst case you can always change it back.

Here’s where to toggle the setting:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Invert Colors

Wha-La… a halloween interface!

iPhone Lockscreen Camera Button Not Working


After upgrading to IOS 5.1 on my iPhone I noticed to what I thought was the new camera button on the Lockscreen not working anymore. However I found out today that it’s not that it doesn’t work anymore… They just changed how it works. For those out there that used the feature before… You could easily access the camera without unlocking the phone by double clicking the home button and the camera button would appear next to the slider… Well now you see the camera button on any click… But when you click on it all that happens is the screen bounces… Well its not broken… Technically… But you will feel stupid because this what the changed… Just swipe the camera button you see up… That simple… Yet not intuitive enough for most people I know to figure it out without googling it… Oh well… Now you know like me

Why will Siri not remember my relatives?

My brother got the iPhone 4s a few weeks before me… when he utilizes the voice recognition software built into it, called Siri, all he has to do is say… “text my brother what are you up too”… and Siri creates a  text message to Tim (me) saying “what are you up too”… it remembers his relation ships so it knows who his brother, wife, mother, etc. are… However when I got my iPhone 4s I would say “text my brother hello”… because my phone is new, Siri would ask something along the lines

“who is your brother?”

I would reply “Matt”, and Siri in return would say

“would you like me to remember this?”… and of course I said

“sure” and Siri would reply in her most devious voice



The problem I was having though, was that she was not remembering Matt was my brother… even though I told her to remember it countless times. I finally figured out the reason and though I would post it here for others incase they are having the same problems and decide to google it.


My situation was that my email runs off of Microsoft Exchange (which for those that do not know many many corperations use for their email  servers… which also links up to my own calendar and own set of contacts stored on my exchange server that links with my iPhone. The problem is that default exchange contacts only has association fields of manager and assistant…. and you can not to my knowledge easily create custom association fields like “wife” or “Brother” in my case. So once I figured that out the solution was easy… I simply went to my contacts on my phone… browsed to exchange contacts… and deleted the contact for my self…. then i created a new contact for my self, but instead of doing it with all my other contacts on my exchange server… the one for myself resides souly on my iphone… not related to my exchange server. Now that I have a new contact of myself on my phone I can use any of the association or related fields pre=programed…or even create new ones…


The easiest way to do this after you create the new contact on your phone, rather than through your exchange server is to just call up Siri and say… So and So is my Mom… or whoever and whatever relationship you want Siri to remember. Cmmment below if anyone has any questions.


The Portfolio… do I even need a papper version

I have not updated my professional portfolio in 5 or more years, and upon deciding it is perhaps time to do so I found myself asking the question… “Do I even need a portfolio on paper”

In an age of conference room computer access, and tablets… I say no, and here’s why.

The first reason that comes to mind is the size… as the feature picture shows… they can get quite large if you intend to bring originals… to the point of absurdness… Working with the construction industry for some larger projects its not unheard of for sheet sizes to get up to 48″X36″ for working documents… not to mention some artwork or master plan ideas (at least by me)… that are drawn at a similar large scale…

So we have been long in the age of digital scanners, and hence that is what most people did with large format drawings that need to become more mobile… the problem with scanning and re-printing at a reduced size is that sometimes the details that made the original lager version of the work so “grandiose” are lost in the reduction.

So you could bring in the originals in a large portfolio case as shown above, but think of how that looks to the people you are presenting it too. I don’t care what the laws say you can or can not hire an employee for, when you go to an interview you are selling your self as well as your capabilities and ideas.

Think of what the potential portfolio viewers are thinking when they see you for the first time and instead of seeing the confident, suave yet energetic future employee… they see you walking into their walls and struggling like you just came in from the marina with the sail of a portfolio you have…

Now think if they see you walking in with composure and not wrestling anything, but carrying a sleek piece of technology that says this person is already adept at the future… having the best of both worlds, your work is small enough to handle, yet with technology can be zoomed in and out of various detail with ease.

That’s how I see my future presentations of my work, and that’s why I’ve decided to not modify my paper portfolios of decades past, but instead investigate the presentation of my work digitally, both from the web and from a more portable tablet.

So I bought a couple of new domains and I plan to start developing one… so far its been a pain, not because of the digital translation, but because I am not a computer engineer by trade, and I’ve had some difficulties with my Linux server hosting multiple websites… but I think I worked out most of the bugs and plan to start actually building the site now the foundation of its interface is somewhat worked out.

As the site gets closer to launch I’ll release the domain names here on goolier.com, which will remain my blog, with the new site simply holding my professional portfolio only.

Should I get a 3g tablet or non 3g tablet

That is the question?

I recently had a person in my office, who was looking into getting a personal tablet (the iPad to be specific), ask me for some advice. They wanted to know if it was worth paying the extra bucks for the 3g models, or if they should stick with the basic WiFi only version… He thought if he spent the extra bucks of the 3G model he would have it forever, even if he didn’t need it, he would at least have it in case he did…

I told him in my opinion, the answer is easy, and basically depends on what type of phone you have?

He didn’t understand, but told me he had the droid incredible… I then asked if he like paying twice for the same thing??
Obviously not…

You see… most people get these smart phones and don’t even realize how smart they are… In case you don’t own a smart phone, when you get your monthly bill there are two basic charges on it…
1. The phone charges (which is the minutes or plan minutes you used)
2. The data charges (which is not only the internet, which is a type of data, but your email and any other communication that utilizes your phone companies data network.

Now… back up to the iPad again… It, and any other tablet you might get, can use the internet. When you are at your house or office it utilizes the built in WiFi to connect to your wireless router to access data on the internet… if you were to get the 3G model you could still access the internet even without a Wifi connection (like when you walk far enough away from your wireless router, or if you took it in vacation) However if you did, you would have to pay for the data it uses just like you do with your smart phone.

Here is where what type of phone you have is important…
He had the droid incredible… so… that has a built in feature called mobile hot spot… which basically means it can act like your “wireless router” and give internet and data access to other devices… So if you got the Non-3G model and it only had WiFi, you could still take it on vacation and use your phone as a wireless hot spot. Not only would you save the couple hundred bucks by getting the non-3g iPad model, but you would also be paying only once for data costs (on your phone bill) rather than paying for data cost on your phone and your iPad or other tablet.

Even cooler news for those apple friendly consumers that have an iPhone that dies not have a mobile hotspot feature… yet… is to wait… because in the next software update it should… which means one bill rather than two for you as well…

although if you don’t have a smartphone that support mobile hotspots for other devices (or tethering as its sometimes called) you still might want to consider getting the 3G model if you ever “need to have internet access” when your out and about… although if you did “need” this access… you should probably get a smart phone with this feature first… as it will fit in your pocket unlike a larger tablet… unless you have big pockets.

as always, everyone feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

iTunes 10 on Windows Server 2003 (or Home Server)

Have you been wondering how do I install itunes 10 on a Windows Home Server or Windows Server 2003?

My office recently bought an iPad and we wanted it to sync with our server, running windows server 2003. Problem was during the install of iTunes 10, i got an error… “apple mobile device support failed to install”… The install would complete and everything worked, except when i plugged in the iPad… it would not connect / sync with the server.

I searched the interweb’s and found a few solutions… the easiest (that worked for me) is below… we basically have to manipulate the install of itunes so it does not check the operating system and fail at installing the “apple mobile support”… it sounds tougher than it is, but its actually relatively easy if you are comfortable with installing a few small free programs… this should work with Windows Home Server as well, seeing as its built off of Windows Server 2k3… The steps to do this are Below

Continue reading “iTunes 10 on Windows Server 2003 (or Home Server)”

Iphone = Gadget Awesomness!!!

well… I finally broke down and joined my brothers AT&T network so i could get the iphone 4. This is the first apple product i have owned and I must say i have turned to the dark side pretty quickly. After years of purposely avoiding the crowd favorite apple À la carte products, from ipods to ibooks to the iraq i finally got an apple gadget… and I must say it is my favorite gadget to date.

For decades I’ve used windows mobile products for my corporate work email that also doubles as one of my main personal emails. The chunkiness of the windows product in comparison of the iphone user interface is light years behind.
The problem, I realized, was ignoring the fact that apple is an inventive and head of the pack type of company… (that also markets their products extremely well). I was instead hopping ships to companies that would copy apples’ product developments with their own… the problem with this was I was always on the ship in back of the pack rather than the ship leading the way.

For instance… take the zune player, which came out to match the original apple ipod…. which it did pretty well, boasting a few things the original ipod didn’t… like wifi (which didn’t follow through with an internet browser of any sort) and an FM raido (which honestly sucked as far as reception goes regardless of if i was located in rural or urban Boston areas). Overall the zune matched up to the original ipod… but after I bought this new non-apple product… apple comes out with the ipod touch a few months later.The ipod touch was the first of its kind touch screen Mp3 player… perfect for people that wanted to play games, and use apps compatible with the touch interface of the iphone, without having to hop on AT&T’s network or use the device as a phone…

So there i was stuck with the simple zune… sure it was nicer in my opinion than the original ipod, but the ipod touch… no way jose… So i decided this time in getting a new smart phone that i would not wait for the next windows imitation, and although the droid does look like a promising competitor to the iphone, i wanted to hop on the ship in front this time, rather than the one trying to catch up or next to the lead ship… i must say my expectation have been met and i have not put down my phone.

My only complaint thus far (and it really is nit-picking of a gadget geek here) is that the user interface is TOO FRIENDLY… yep… too friendly… this passes the wife test with flying colors (as she got one before, having her contract end with big V a few months before mine did) and i would go as far to say it would also pass the mom test as well… However in apples wisdom to control everything so that the user experience is as smooth as possible, some of the more advance things I would like to do get trickier… for instance… you can not access any of the iphone OS4 files to hack any custom options… easily… for example it is easy to change sounds of text messages and notifications by going to settings > sounds> and change it to what you want.. but to add custom sounds in the drop down box you have to navigate and replace the appropriate file on the phone with ssh protocols… which if you never heard of doing that… its really fun…
anyways… i though i would share my new love of this gadget and my fanboyism of it… look for more posts most likely about the iphoine as well.

WTF is MS kin, and why u txting w/out all da letters? damn whipper snappers!!!

I know…. its been way to long since I last posted… been busy though… going to be a 1st time dad… have to catch up on those projects before I really have no time…

But I still peruse the web and thought this was interesting to share… you might have heard about the new Microsoft “smart phone” operating system… this post is about the opposite, that has not gotten so much press yet, but its an interesting idea from Micro$oft…

When you go to a cell phone store there used to me two major categories of phones. One is the “smart phone”, which includes the iPhone, blackberry, windows mobile, Palm treo’s and others. mostly these fancy pants phones surf the web, read corporate email, and have sync-able calenders with your computer.

Well the other category is everything else, and they usually call these “feature Phones”. They usually have bad interfaces to interact with (as they were designed as phones first, then features where plopped into them) but you can text with them, surf mobile websites on some, take pictures with others, and even listen to music…. This categories is what the Kin from Microsoft is targeting.

Its not a smart phone, but a Microsoft’s own phone hardware (from a company they bought out), and Microsoft’s own mobile OS. The phone seams to be geared towards teenagers and younger that are heavily geared towards social media experiences such as Facebook, texting, picture sharing, and others. Although the interface looks like i could get used to it after a while, i don’t think my mother (who is my layman technology bench marker) would have a chance.

For those that have heard of a new Microsoft phone, this is not to be confused with their upcoming (unreleased as of yet) Windows Phone 7 that will be running on various HTC and Motorolla phones. That is their “smart phone” ship. The Kin is more of Microsoft’s attempt to put a heavily developed fun interface that you get on these more expensive smart phones, but on a feature phone.

With that in mind, I would assume that they would strike up a deal with Verizon (who will be carrying the first phones) to target a younger crowd not looking to break the bank, with special data plan deals, and perhaps even a less expensive intro price??? But Verizon has be hush hush on any pricing information on the yet to be released phones.

So far MS will have two Kin phones for Verizon to exclusively sell… ingeniously named “Kin One” and Kin Two”. You can check out their specs, and take a sneak peak of their crazy texting whipper snapper interface at their office site.