I don’t need no f*ckin’ case on my phone


Every day, I carry one of the most advance pieces of technology in the known universe. Not too long ago, people wouldn’t be able to fathom the capabilites this device can do for me . Add to this the fact that the device is so well designed and precision engineered to the micron that its able to fit in my pocket… well then… now we got something really special. So special circa 2006’s James Bond would be envious, and 1964’s Bond would think I’m from space its so far out of his league of imagination.

And I don’t have a case for this device…  Because, unlike my grandma, I don’t cover my sofas with plastic.

So I cracked….errr…. shattered my iPhone 6 like the second week I got it. The screen and digitizer were more than i liked to pay, so as self punishment I lived with it for a few months… I’ve finally ordered the new screen this week. Friends and family keep asking me though… are you going to get a case now?


haha… this post from gizmodo pretty much sums up why. I thought it was a really good editorial tech piece of writing I thought I’d back link to it here incase anyone hasn’t read it yet.



If you’ve been to my site before and you your like… wtf.

… well thats because my server is having hardware issues, and I’m currently in the process of transferring the various sites I host over to the new server. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon enough, so come back.





2014 New Castle Common Design Competition

Second Place AwardedEDPN_2013_giguere_1

I entered and placed second overall in the 2014 NH AIA Emerging Professional’s design competition this year. Ironically, a co-worker also entered the competition with her own design and won first place! Read more about the competition at the AIA-NH awards web page, or see my particular entry at TimGig.com, which is my portfolio site with a page detected to  my design competition entry.

Visit our firm’s webpage, TMS Architects, to see more of the amazing designs we do in real life, or to get information on how to hire us.

ARE Forum FTP site


At the time of this post, the ARE forum is still down. However, I just found out their FTP site is still up. Here is the direct Link : http://www.areforum.org/up

If you, like me, are still trying to study for your architectural registration exams while the site is down, this is vary useful… especially if your searching for the vignette alternates. If you don’t know what the ARE is… then sorry for wasting 10 seconds of your life to read this.

iOS7 Halloween Hack… sort of



A Co-Worker told me about this hidden setting… It essentially inverts the default color pallet of your phone. At first I thought it was just the colors of the app icons to make them anti-apple, but then I quickly realized it does it to all the menus in the apps themselves as well as pictures.

This invert trick turned the blues to a cool orange color and made pics of my son’s look like zombie kids… perfect for halloween if you can stand browsing web pages and what not like this… worst case you can always change it back.

Here’s where to toggle the setting:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Invert Colors

Wha-La… a halloween interface!

Toddlers & Baths & Sunken iPhones… oh my

So bath time before bed with my almost 3 year old is always…. “fun”

Fun like going to the dentist fun… he’s tired, i’m tired, at first he doesn’t want to get in… once he’s in.. he doesn’t want to get out…

I usually wash him up first, brush his teeth in the tub and then say , “OK, time to get out.”

Which he usually replies. “No get out of tubby now”

The ritual continues with me saying, “OK you get a few minutes to play, OK… OK…”

until he acknowledges me with an exhasperated “Oh-Tay Dad!”

This is Dad’s bath time ritual, at  this point I usually kick back on his 8″ step stool box and cruise the web or do something on my iPhone until a few minutes pass, and I decide its time to get the little guy in PJ’s and finally to bed. This way he gets his play time in the tub, I get to cruise eBay, and we should both be happy. That is… until its time to get out again, and then we get to the screaming again while I take him out of the tub and dry him off.

Last night was no exception of this ritual, except for my slow motion NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This happened in a matter of mili-seconds, as most things with toddlers do. I realized I did not put my phone back in my pocket. Instead on this fine night I placed it on top of the laundry hamper next to the bath tub, and as I dried my son off with a towel his hawk eyes of revenge for taking him out of the tub spotted my phone. Upon this revelation his cat like reflexes grabbed this sacred item of Dad’s. As I fluffed his hair with the towel I spotted something in his hand and had a split second of what is… but thats all I had time to think. For his youth is already rubbing in the fact that I am aging and he is young.

As I realized what he had his hand was already in motion, complete with shit eating grin on his face. By the time my brain neurons where telling my hand to “react asshole… react!” the phone was hitting the water… this is where the slow motion NOOOOOOOOOO! of that night took place.

Now I try not to yell around your kids, they are impresionable at this age. However I must admit, I might have let a few F-bombs slip along, which did not help things as I think he new the seriousness of this action…. unfortunately he realized it after he did it…. thats how toddlers’ brains work. So now within mili-seconds my phone was thrown in the tub, I retrieved it within seconds, I lost my cool, and because of this my son is now crying. This of course started the second stage of the circus as my wife was curious and came up with our newborn to see what the commotion was about, as both her oldest son and her husband were crying over the sinking of an iPhone… or at least one of us were crying over that.


So now I am naked for a couple of days as my phone site in a plastic bag full of couscous (we didn’t have rice in the cabinet). I read this trick on the internet once… which means it has to be true. I’m hoping it is, as going to work in the morning without my phone feels like me going to work not wearing pants…. just plain uncomfortable.

I thought I would share my story here for anyone that feels my pain. The only time I turned the screen on was about 15 minutes after it happened to power off my phone to prevent any short circuits, I’ll update this post after a few days of rice treatment and I see if everything works. On a side note, I think couscous is a little too small, which may be good or bad. It works its ways up into all the ports to absorb water better… but then again, it works its way up to all the ports, which I have to keep cleaning out. There goes the re-sale value…

Easy way to Remote Desktop to mac OS

Simple story. I’m new to mac’s… I like them so far… I have an iMac as my office workstation, and I sometimes take the office Macbook Pro home to work. I wanted a quick way to connect to my office computer without having to install a bunch of 3rd party software, similar to how windows has RDP (which you can download on your mac to connect to windows machine if you didn’t know already)


1. First go to “System Preferences” -> “Sharing” on the mac you want to connect to… make sure screen sharing is selected. Also note your computer name at the top of the sharing window, you’ll need it for step 2. (If you get a message saying its controlled by “Remote Management” when you click on screen sharing… look down a few check boxes to “Remote Management” and add your remote user if its different that the user you log into the machine with. 

That is all the configuration you have to do on the machine you want to remote into… similar to windows… you just have to tell the OS its ok to allow remote connections, once selected it stays selected so you won’t have to do this step again next time you want to connect to this machine remotely.


2. Now when your at your remote location, open finder on the computer in front of you and hit “Command + k” (this opens connect to server prompt if your not familiar with it, but instead of connecting to a file share we are going to launch desktop sharing right from here.)

here we type the following


Then select connect… it should launch screen sharing app with your remote machine in the background.


3. Now if your outside your network the easiest way without having to fool around with your firewall a is to connect to your network via a VPN. If you don’t know how to connect to your network remotely with a VPN connection, you can google it and find out… once connected you can use your computers local name the same as above.


if your VPN connection connects to windows servers on a domain ( like mine does), then after I connect to my VPN connection to my server I have to add the full domain name after the local computer name like this



So thats it pretty simple I know, and I’m sure if your familiar with mac’s you already new this, but I was not and I had a little trouble trying to find an “easy” way to RDP to my desktop… so I thought I would share this. As I mentioned below, I am new to the Mac environment, so let me know if there are easier / alternate ways or if I messed something up in the comments below.





Netflix is Bombing

So I read an article by Brian Stelter about Netflix not-renewing its “STARZ Deal”, next month (March 2012). In case you did not know… Netflix’s new release selection for streaming is pitiful at best, and the movies they do have from the past 8 years (with somewhat of a good in the box office run) are 9 times out of 10 from their deal with STARZ. Netflix’s argument in short is  they want to focus on more TV shows than they do movies… stating they know they do not have their costumers #1 choice when they log on to view a certain movie… but they have other stuff in the form of TV shows that same customer should enjoy.

So I ask the question… is Netflix suffering from corporate sabotage within… are they literally trying to bomb their own company to the ground? Why else are there so many consumer point of view “stupid” decisions coming out pf this, up to now, successful company.If I wanted more TV shows I would not sign up with a company that had the word “flix” in their name. Netflix already lost a lot of support from their consumer base when they jacked their prices way up and tried to forcefully separate their DVD rental + streaming into separate paid for services and companies.

As a longtime subscriber to Netflix I joined for the convenience of getting DVD’s in the mail with no return dates or late fees, It was simple and worked for me. Then they offered their “streaming service” as a bonus, but in reality they really all it had were “B” and “C” rated movies. Now they are charging me almost triple what I was paying  4 years ago, wanting me to watch the service I don’t want to watch while separating from the services I do want, and telling me the titles I want to see are not really what I want to see… instead here is more stuff that is somewhat good for you according to our suggestion algorithms.

I understand the movie studios are making it tough for streaming services, but in reality separating yourself from how you are most profitable (read DVD+BD) and hoping that your customer base will be loyal with 3rd and 4th choice titles is insane from a business standpoint. I currently have Netflix and loved it when it was such a unique service. However, now that there is competition for digital media providers popping up with Easier Vudu access, Amazon prime, HULU plus, and HBO Go, and others,  it is not so unique anymore.  Add the fact that they are making me look at their streaming service separately from their rental service instead of a bonus with not so competitive pricing plans, you are forcing your consumers to look at alternative options. Which sorry Netfix,  I think I will start doing at the end of next month.

gOOlier’s ARE Study Guide

Trying to be a hip architect are you?


Well then… you’ll have to get through taking the ARE’s first… one of the last steps in the long process of actually becoming licensed. Although the title of the post says study guide… I actually put together a page that is more of a study resource.  It’s a work in process at the moment as I am in the middle of taking all 7 tests, but I will update it as I go through the process, in the hopes of it helping someone else out. Check out my resource page here!

Good Luck.


AREForum.org iPad/iPhone workaround

If you are studding for your Architectural Registration Exams in the United States you know what the above title means… if you don’t… well this article probably will not interest you… but here’s a synopsis… I’ve written about my opinionated thoughts and explanation on the long procedure to become a licensed architect in any of the 50 States before. Essentially the are called the ARE’s (for Architectural Registration Exams, and if your studying for them you know about the AREForum.org, and if you don’t… you should… as it is an invaluable tool in studying fort the ARE’s. Essentially a forum of everyone else in the US studying for the exams as well as people trying to help that demographic… its a place to ask questions, and more importantly review and have your practice vignettes reviewed by your fellow peers.


However the forums are difficult to log into the first time on an iPhone or iPad if you don’t know this workaround. The problems arises after navigating to the home page of AREForum.org and clicking on the button “Enter Forums”. Before giving you the login prompt it redirects you to the forum rules… which you should read. However there is no way to continue pass this forum rules page and actually log in on an iOS device. I think this is because of Flash… not the super hero in the picture above, but the programing language, which if you know or not, is not available on iOS devices and probably never will be. You can read the rules fine on an iOS device, but there should be a button at the bottom of the rules saying “Accept” however this button i believe is created with flash for some odd reason and does not show up.

So here is the workaround to get AREForum.org to work on the iPad or iPhone… type the full path of the forums (after you actually read the rules to comply with them) in the address bar and you will get to the actual forums, which runs on vBulliten, which works great with iOS devices… its just that lonely accept button at the bottom of the rules that is flash. Anyway the full path of the forums is below. Once there you can login with your user name and password, or register to create a new one. Good Luck… on both the tests and forums 😉