Xbox dashboard update and new Netlifx Features


Last week Microsoft’s Xbox released an update that among other things was a ploy to get more money out of people… I’m not complaining though… I live in a capitalist nation, and at the end of the day we all count our beans… I just wish I had more… and perhaps a lightsaber for my avitar that I was not willing to pay for…

Let me explain… last fall Xbox came out with their new dashboard interface experience where everyone on xbox live had to create an avitar that represented them to other players on xbox live… Mine is on the side here. avitarWhen people created their avitar last fall they had a limited selection of clothes and accesories, however this update fixed that with not only extra content, but content you have to buy in order to equip… I kind of expected that though.

Some other neat features the Xbox team added was the ability to watch Netflix movies in an Xbox party… (An xbox party is a private chat room where you can invite friends and talk while you play games… or not watching a netflix movie)… the Xbox party feature and the Netflix streaming have been there before, but they each have some subtle additions, including this ability to combine these two features and watch a movie with your friends from different locations. If anyone ever used the party feature before you knew if you ever got disconnected for some reason you had a pain in the but time trying to find your party to reconnect… now there is an auto connect feature for parties that will do this as soon as you sign back into Xbox Live. Another Neat feature I found was the ability to browse the Netflix streaming library, however you still can not search for instant movies… for that you need to log on to your computer and add them to your que that way… come on Microsoft… that should have been a no brainier.

The last thing that sticks out in my mind about the update is you can now enter your credit card info directly thru your Xbox dashboard to buy various items on their marketplace, this beats having to go to the store to buy a points card, or adding them through the website on a computer… Now all Microsoft has to do is get rid of their point system in my opinion… right now you buy MS points to add to your account with actual money (ie. credit or debit card online ~ 500 points = $6.25)… so when you want to buy a game on the Xbox marketplace it will cost you 1200 points… which I really don’t understand… why not just tell me the game cost $15.00… I would probably buy more if I new the actual cost rather than hiding it… makes no sense to me…

There were some behind the scene stuff they said they added as well, such as a more stable build for less crashes ( I never crashed out before though), and supposedly its a little faster cruising around the dashboard, which I noticed a little bit…. anyways thats the new update in a nut shell… have fun.