The Portfolio… do I even need a papper version

I have not updated my professional portfolio in 5 or more years, and upon deciding it is perhaps time to do so I found myself asking the question… “Do I even need a portfolio on paper”

In an age of conference room computer access, and tablets… I say no, and here’s why.

The first reason that comes to mind is the size… as the feature picture shows… they can get quite large if you intend to bring originals… to the point of absurdness… Working with the construction industry for some larger projects its not unheard of for sheet sizes to get up to 48″X36″ for working documents… not to mention some artwork or master plan ideas (at least by me)… that are drawn at a similar large scale…

So we have been long in the age of digital scanners, and hence that is what most people did with large format drawings that need to become more mobile… the problem with scanning and re-printing at a reduced size is that sometimes the details that made the original lager version of the work so “grandiose” are lost in the reduction.

So you could bring in the originals in a large portfolio case as shown above, but think of how that looks to the people you are presenting it too. I don’t care what the laws say you can or can not hire an employee for, when you go to an interview you are selling your self as well as your capabilities and ideas.

Think of what the potential portfolio viewers are thinking when they see you for the first time and instead of seeing the confident, suave yet energetic future employee… they see you walking into their walls and struggling like you just came in from the marina with the sail of a portfolio you have…

Now think if they see you walking in with composure and not wrestling anything, but carrying a sleek piece of technology that says this person is already adept at the future… having the best of both worlds, your work is small enough to handle, yet with technology can be zoomed in and out of various detail with ease.

That’s how I see my future presentations of my work, and that’s why I’ve decided to not modify my paper portfolios of decades past, but instead investigate the presentation of my work digitally, both from the web and from a more portable tablet.

So I bought a couple of new domains and I plan to start developing one… so far its been a pain, not because of the digital translation, but because I am not a computer engineer by trade, and I’ve had some difficulties with my Linux server hosting multiple websites… but I think I worked out most of the bugs and plan to start actually building the site now the foundation of its interface is somewhat worked out.

As the site gets closer to launch I’ll release the domain names here on, which will remain my blog, with the new site simply holding my professional portfolio only.

Becoming an Architect is Ridiculous Craziness


Often, when talking with family and friends, they ask when I am going to get my architectural license now that I am out of college (for the third and final time). Hopefully this post will enlighten them and others to the difficulties and expenses of actually becoming licensed… There is a reason Bill Brady was crazy… i think it had to do with his process of becoming an architect…

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Residential solar shingles = no rain + energy savings


Dow chemical company has unveiled a new product line aiming at getting the cost of photovoltaic panels down for regular residential home owners to afford and take advantage of. The product line is called Dow Powerhouse

Some of the benefits they claim this new product line will have are
* Lower system cost
* Easier installation
* Long-lasting performance
* Improved aesthetics

which are all great in my opinion except for the last tid-bit… “improved aesthetics”
Improved to what standard and compared to what???

I welcome the lower system cost as long as the continue to improve efficiency… this should be their goal… not asthetics. People can accept a new roof look as long as the cost to benefit ratio is low, and payback period is reasonable compared to life span of the roof. I don’t get why they have to make them “look” like asphalt shingles… they never “look” like them… why try… work on efficiency and lower cost of production…. besides… asphalt shingles are meant to “look” like slate shingles… why imitate and imitation… just make them do a good job and people will accept them for what they are… oh yea… and keep out the rain too…

BIM, the new CAD

I think its absolutely amazing that my generation is living in the technological revolution. Twenty years ago most people knew nothing of computers, and today almost everyone in every industry can say it interacts with computers in some fashion. More importantly we are now at the point where the computer is only the wheels to the future, and the software we are developing is the actual car. Take for instance the cell phone… just a computer, but add the software of blackberries or iPhones and its way more than just a phone… another example is the Banking institution… ATM’s were the start… now millions of people using online banking. Architecture is another industry that was transformed by computer tech with the introduction of CADD drawings, and now it is about to be transformed again. I assume most people have heard of the acronym CAD (or CADD depending on how you spell) in the architecture profession… it stands for Computer Aided Drafting and/or Drawing. Although CAD has transformed the industry ten fold in terms of construction documents for buildings and structure, it is about to be replaced by something more complex, but way more efficient software system… something called BIM, or Building Information Modeling. click the pic to read more…


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Its not the size that counts… yea right

Well one of the reasons I decided to start a blog was the fact I have all this time now that I finished my Master’s Architectural thesis this past January. Well… I got my diploma in the mail and was flabbergasted at the size…. it looks like a fricken wedding invitation… my Bachelors degree is on the right and my Masters is on the left…. Now I know it is not the size of the paper that expresses you education, but come on… Tho$and$ of Dollar$ later and I get a stupid post card for my master’s degree…