Vector works Workaround: Missing POI Glazing

vw_missing glazing

Ever have your window and door PIO in vector works mysteriously not show glazing in OpenGL… happens in VW version 2015 SP3, as well as some previous versions that I’ve noticed… for me it usually renders fine in rendtrworks  or other views… I’m not 100% positive why this happens… I used to fix this by going to the settings of an individual PIO (window or door) and not even modifying anything, just clicking ok to get out of settings and it would not only fix the problem of that particular PIO, but the rest of them in the wall that it was attached to as well… easy enough, but this sucked if you had a crap load of walls on mulitple levels…

A better work around is to simply edit the entire layer… simply change the height,  click ok, then edit it again and change it back to what it’s supposed to be… See the image in this post. You’ll have to do this to each layer, but it’s less tedious than each wall… hopefully Nemetschek fixes this bug, until then I hope this helps you if you come across this and find this post.

Vectoworks 2015 = workflow improved

I use Vectorworks by Nemetschek at work as my main CAD software for drawing (2d and 3d). I’ve been using it since 2009, and have become pretty efficient with it. Recently we upgraded to the latest software build, Vectoworks 2015, and I’ve been using it for about a month now. I must say though I could scream with joy over the ability to add 2d hatches to 3d textures, but instead will blog about it :).1_2015_noannotation hatch

It’s improved my workflow significantly.  Thanks Vectorworks crew!

Story: I kept dabbling in brining my elevation drawings to a full 3d workflow…

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How do I get NCARB software on my computer


How… Easy… just go to the NCARB site and download and install it… oh wait… you get some 64bit errors?… it’s only compatible with windows XP or other 32bit operating systems?… and your computer is post 1984 and/or even a Mac… bummer.

Well, actually… fret not as you have two options (…if you have internet where you study).

Option #1 | Pay NCARB more money than you already do,  and add their “cloud based” practice software. Technically, a virtual machine running windows XP somewhere in the world and the NCARB practice software pre-installed on it. If you do this option to get the testing software, your essentially  paying for remote access through the internet to this virtual machine they assign you somewhere in the world so you can use their practice testing software. Its the easiest option to getting the NCARB software installed but its $10 a year, and you will not be able to modify / install any alternate tests you see on various websites or ARE study forums.

Option #2 | Install your own virtual machine on your Mac OS or Windows 7 or 8 that runs Windows XP 32bit in the background, and once thats up and running you can install the NCARB practice software til’ your heart’s content, add various alternate practice files, and even run it offline sans the internet in your cave or wherever you study that doesn’t have internet.

For those that don’t know, a virtual machine (or VM) is software that emulates another computer running in the background of the computer your actually sitting in front of. An example would be say your sitting in front of a computer running windows 7 (64bit), which is incompatible with the NCARB software. As an option you can setup and run a virtual windows XP computer that runs in the background. Once this winXP VM is running in the background you can install any software on it like it was its own little computer inside your computer… including the NCARB practice software running on it.

Check out how to install a VM of windows XP on a mac… post to follow, link will be updated

Check out how to install a VM of windows XP on a windows 64 bit machine… post to follow, link will be updated

2014 New Castle Common Design Competition

Second Place AwardedEDPN_2013_giguere_1

I entered and placed second overall in the 2014 NH AIA Emerging Professional’s design competition this year. Ironically, a co-worker also entered the competition with her own design and won first place! Read more about the competition at the AIA-NH awards web page, or see my particular entry at, which is my portfolio site with a page detected to  my design competition entry.

Visit our firm’s webpage, TMS Architects, to see more of the amazing designs we do in real life, or to get information on how to hire us.

ARE Forum FTP site


At the time of this post, the ARE forum is still down. However, I just found out their FTP site is still up. Here is the direct Link :

If you, like me, are still trying to study for your architectural registration exams while the site is down, this is vary useful… especially if your searching for the vignette alternates. If you don’t know what the ARE is… then sorry for wasting 10 seconds of your life to read this.

ARE Forum Substitute Alternate



I know some of the traffic to my site deals with folks in building architecture… if your one of them and your in the process of getting licensed in the States you’ve probably been like… wtf…. is down… again.

Well fear not. Coach from those forums seams to have launched his own forum site to help peeps studying… layout is very similar but his site address is the following

Note sure how long ARE is down or if its ever coming back up, as its been down for more than a week now, but here is alternate, perhaps replacement… who knows.

Pass along the word to any others that could benefit from this info.

gOOlier’s ARE Study Guide

Trying to be a hip architect are you?


Well then… you’ll have to get through taking the ARE’s first… one of the last steps in the long process of actually becoming licensed. Although the title of the post says study guide… I actually put together a page that is more of a study resource.  It’s a work in process at the moment as I am in the middle of taking all 7 tests, but I will update it as I go through the process, in the hopes of it helping someone else out. Check out my resource page here!

Good Luck.


AIA Contract Docs for ARE Canidates

If your studying for the ARE’s… specifically the CDS-Construction Documents and Services… the AIA has made available some of the key contracts covered on the test for ARE candidates…. All you need to do is log into your record… then go

  1. Log into “My NCARB”
  2. Click “Go” to access your NCARB Record
  3. Follow link for ARE Candidates: Construction Documents & Services Resources visible in the lower left of your Record.

…or just click this link after you log into your NCARB record.


at the time of this post the following contract documents were available for study purposes.

Conventional Family

  • A101-2007           Owner and Contractor (Stipulated Sum)
  • A201-2007           General Conditions
  • A701-1997           Instructions to Bidders
  • B101-2007           Owner and Architect
  • B101-2007A        Document B101-2007 Exhibit A
  • C401-2007           Architect and Consultant

Contract Administration and Project Management Forms

  • A305-1986           Contractor’s Qualification Statement
  • G701-2001           Change Order
  • G702-1992           Application and Certificate for Payment
  • G703-1992           Continuation Sheet
  • G704-2000           Certificate of Substantial Completion iPad/iPhone workaround

If you are studding for your Architectural Registration Exams in the United States you know what the above title means… if you don’t… well this article probably will not interest you… but here’s a synopsis… I’ve written about my opinionated thoughts and explanation on the long procedure to become a licensed architect in any of the 50 States before. Essentially the are called the ARE’s (for Architectural Registration Exams, and if your studying for them you know about the, and if you don’t… you should… as it is an invaluable tool in studying fort the ARE’s. Essentially a forum of everyone else in the US studying for the exams as well as people trying to help that demographic… its a place to ask questions, and more importantly review and have your practice vignettes reviewed by your fellow peers.


However the forums are difficult to log into the first time on an iPhone or iPad if you don’t know this workaround. The problems arises after navigating to the home page of and clicking on the button “Enter Forums”. Before giving you the login prompt it redirects you to the forum rules… which you should read. However there is no way to continue pass this forum rules page and actually log in on an iOS device. I think this is because of Flash… not the super hero in the picture above, but the programing language, which if you know or not, is not available on iOS devices and probably never will be. You can read the rules fine on an iOS device, but there should be a button at the bottom of the rules saying “Accept” however this button i believe is created with flash for some odd reason and does not show up.

So here is the workaround to get to work on the iPad or iPhone… type the full path of the forums (after you actually read the rules to comply with them) in the address bar and you will get to the actual forums, which runs on vBulliten, which works great with iOS devices… its just that lonely accept button at the bottom of the rules that is flash. Anyway the full path of the forums is below. Once there you can login with your user name and password, or register to create a new one. Good Luck… on both the tests and forums 😉