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I’m an architect… the type that deals with real buildings. I’m also a proud dad, gadget geek, funny guy, community sports coach for my kids teams, professor of an into to architecture studio at the local university,  technology guru, handyman, hobbyist woodworker, sci-fi novel reader, and many other things.  I figure out a lot of stuff on my own, and sometimes i don’t have a place to vent these ideas or conclusions I come up with. Sometimes I have a story to tell and not sure who to tell it to. Sometimes after it took me a while to figure out something  I think to myself… if I just found this tis-bid on the internet… I would have done that quicker. Sometimes there are many different sometimes I need to express or write down, and so I do it here, on my something blog.

You’ll notice there are different main pages on HDTV, Qam tuners, taking the ARE’s etc. Those were all important topics to me at one point. In fact, the original idea of this blog came to me after canceling cable and wanting to share how I did this while still getting HDTV… Although those pages still exist, this blog has morphed into… a hodge podge or what interests me. No matter how you found my blog… Hopefully you find what I have to say, interesting, funny, helpful, or a combination of these… let me know in the comments.


I also maintain another blog at timgig.com that focuses more on my recent professional works and ideas as a licensed architect.


Thanks for visiting,

Timothy M. Giguere, AIA NCARB






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