Solved: DNF broken after hostname change Fedora 26

So I created a new VM w/ Fedora 26… did dnf installs for nano ect, then changed host name with hostnamectl command, rebooted… and thats when dnf and yum wouldn’t work. Instead I would get the error

Failed to synchronize chache for repo ‘updates’

I googled around and fiddled with a few settings here and there thinking the hostname change f’d something up (which it may have), but the host name change replicated everything was where it was supposed to be… ┬áthe issue ended up being a DNS issue. I saw this when I edited /etc/resolve.conf and there was a random internal IP in there for a name server… so i deleted it and added google’s DNS server with the following lines.

  • nameserver
  • nameserver
  • #Then restart the network
  • Systemctl restart network

This fixed my issue… not sure what generated the weird DNS ip?