Staff Training Mini-Site


So I’ve decided with the exuberant amount of spare time I have (that was sarcasm) I’m creating a training site for the production staff of TMS Architects, where I work as a project architect / technology manager / fantasy football commissioner / comic relief / nice guy. ( I wear many hats)

This project also comes with a youtube channel, where I can make tutorials and post the to the mini training website I created for my office… creatively titled My plan is to use the mini-site as a springboard to organize and search through the videos I’ve make and post.

That was about a year ago and I have 3 videos so far… but hey, at least its something. The videos I do have are informative though… I’m hoping some of the videos will have a broader audience and be utilized on a national planet galactic wide (english speaking of course) level that also utilize the same software packages and techniques we use in my firm. One of the first videos I created was advance in technique, and specifically on how to create a 3d eyebrow dormer in vector works… if you don’t know what an eyebrow dormer is never mind how to model one in 3d… well have a look at this vid

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