Vector works Workaround: Missing POI Glazing

vw_missing glazing

Ever have your window and door PIO in vector works mysteriously not show glazing in OpenGL… happens in VW version 2015 SP3, as well as some previous versions that I’ve noticed… for me it usually renders fine in rendtrworks  or other views… I’m not 100% positive why this happens… I used to fix this by going to the settings of an individual PIO (window or door) and not even modifying anything, just clicking ok to get out of settings and it would not only fix the problem of that particular PIO, but the rest of them in the wall that it was attached to as well… easy enough, but this sucked if you had a crap load of walls on mulitple levels…

A better work around is to simply edit the entire layer… simply change the height,  click ok, then edit it again and change it back to what it’s supposed to be… See the image in this post. You’ll have to do this to each layer, but it’s less tedious than each wall… hopefully Nemetschek fixes this bug, until then I hope this helps you if you come across this and find this post.

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