Vectoworks 2015 = workflow improved

I use Vectorworks by Nemetschek at work as my main CAD software for drawing (2d and 3d). I’ve been using it since 2009, and have become pretty efficient with it. Recently we upgraded to the latest software build, Vectoworks 2015, and I’ve been using it for about a month now. I must say though I could scream with joy over the ability to add 2d hatches to 3d textures, but instead will blog about it :).1_2015_noannotation hatch

It’s improved my workflow significantly.  Thanks Vectorworks crew!

Story: I kept dabbling in brining my elevation drawings to a full 3d workflow…

I ended up still hatching my elevations by hand in viewport annotations (behind my 3d hidden line generated elevations) to give it a softer look than custom render works elevations could give me pre-2015. It took more time, but was relatively easy and gave a softer presentation drawing. It did however add another level of time and complexity as now that I added color hatches by hand, if I wanted shadows I would have to fake them out “old school” style as well in annotations with polylines and such, since custom render works couldn’t plop real generated shade on top of my colored hatch annotations without them looking weird.

Now that I can add textures to hatches my presentations will hopefully be way faster now. The example below is a small garden house (part of a large estate) that I initially modeled in 2014.

The first image above is after I imported it to 2015. I removed all the annotations (besides the 2d wang planting entourage). I’m now able to actually use my 2d model to generate shadows automatically.


The second image is the same model when it was 2014, manually having hatches with color backgrounds sent to the back of the 3d hidden line elevations.  I would then pain stakenly go over this again adding artistic shadows to get the same feel as I can auto generate now with 2015. For this particular drawing, it probably took me about an extra 4 or 6 hours to add the hatching and shadows.

2_2014_color anno hatch in background

The last image shows the same model in 2015, but now auto hatched without color for the start of my working drawing elevation sheets. SOOOOOO MUCH EASIER NOW!!!!


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