Windows XP on a mac for NCARB practice software

So, unlike options for  Microsoft windows, I don’t know of any free virtual machine software packages for the mac to run windows XP on. There are some relatively inexpensive ones though… I use Parallels, its popular, has a bunch of features I use for other stuff, and is what this tutorial covers.

The tutorial is two parts… 1. getting / downloading the software and 2. installing everything

Click the More link below to see the steps involved in both parts.

PART I: Getting the files you need to install and run everything.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 12.17.53 PM

Getting Parallels… some options here.

1a. You can get a trial of Parallels here for 14 days… this way you can see if its worth it + install it before the serial # arrives by mail, or even only use it for 14 days and get your studying done before it expires.

1b. You can get Parallels for under $60 on amazon: You can get older versions too for cheaper, but read the fine print to make sure its compatible with whatever Max OS version you have. For example, I don’t think anything under Parallels 9 will run on Mavericks.

1c. You can get Parallels directly from for $79… a good options if your in a rush, can’t do the trial above for some reason, and want don’t want to wait for mail delivery.

1d. look for it used on eBay or other online auction / market place.

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 12.23.02 PM

I thought I read somewhere you could now download windows XP for free from Microsoft legally because its so old… but after scouring the internet via Microsoft’s download site all I could find was a Windows XP Iso file 9960 which is not bootable and will not help us in trying to setup a virtual machine with it. But you still have some relatively easy options.

2a. Look on eBay for used XP media and serials. You can sometimes get them for as low as a couple of bucks. Make sure its not just the CD, but comes with the serial or product number as well.

2b. If you don’t mind being illegal you could pirate the software. There are plenty of torrent versions out there on sites such as pirat bay, but bewared.. these sites are usually loaded with spyware / viruses and if you don’t know what your doing you’ll probably click on the wrong thing and get one.

2c. Search your old house , or go to your parents / grandparents house and look for old install DVD’s that came with their older computers. Your looking for something that says windows XP restore disk or similar. Once you locate such a media disk, look on the old computer they have for a label that says genuine windows xp, and has a product number.  It will look something like this. Write this down as you’ll need both this and the install CD.


Thats it for Part I… you’ve downloaded what you needed… I happen to have parallels on my mac already running windows 7 and a legal copy of windows XP pro i got from an old computer of mine that does not work anymore. Click Here for Part II to see how I get things up and running. Part II Here







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