Microsoft Virtual CD Drive… it exists

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Ever download an .Iso image file of a CD… sometimes manufacturers provide these “virtual CD” files with instructions on how to pop in a blank CD so you can write the file to the CD for use…

well you actually can skip that step and mount it directly in a virtual CD drive… eliminating the time to burn and wasting a blank CD. You could always do this with virtual drives, I often used Virtual Clone Drive, but found out today that Microsoft actually makes one available as an update to the operating system of windows XP, Vista, and 7.

I haven’t used it yet personally, but found it looking for something else on Microsofts website… you can download it here… I probably will at some point.


Windows XP on a mac for NCARB practice software

So, unlike options for  Microsoft windows, I don’t know of any free virtual machine software packages for the mac to run windows XP on. There are some relatively inexpensive ones though… I use Parallels, its popular, has a bunch of features I use for other stuff, and is what this tutorial covers.

The tutorial is two parts… 1. getting / downloading the software and 2. installing everything

Click the More link below to see the steps involved in both parts.

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How do I get NCARB software on my computer


How… Easy… just go to the NCARB site and download and install it… oh wait… you get some 64bit errors?… it’s only compatible with windows XP or other 32bit operating systems?… and your computer is post 1984 and/or even a Mac… bummer.

Well, actually… fret not as you have two options (…if you have internet where you study).

Option #1 | Pay NCARB more money than you already do,  and add their “cloud based” practice software. Technically, a virtual machine running windows XP somewhere in the world and the NCARB practice software pre-installed on it. If you do this option to get the testing software, your essentially  paying for remote access through the internet to this virtual machine they assign you somewhere in the world so you can use their practice testing software. Its the easiest option to getting the NCARB software installed but its $10 a year, and you will not be able to modify / install any alternate tests you see on various websites or ARE study forums.

Option #2 | Install your own virtual machine on your Mac OS or Windows 7 or 8 that runs Windows XP 32bit in the background, and once thats up and running you can install the NCARB practice software til’ your heart’s content, add various alternate practice files, and even run it offline sans the internet in your cave or wherever you study that doesn’t have internet.

For those that don’t know, a virtual machine (or VM) is software that emulates another computer running in the background of the computer your actually sitting in front of. An example would be say your sitting in front of a computer running windows 7 (64bit), which is incompatible with the NCARB software. As an option you can setup and run a virtual windows XP computer that runs in the background. Once this winXP VM is running in the background you can install any software on it like it was its own little computer inside your computer… including the NCARB practice software running on it.

Check out how to install a VM of windows XP on a mac… post to follow, link will be updated

Check out how to install a VM of windows XP on a windows 64 bit machine… post to follow, link will be updated