ARE Forum FTP site


At the time of this post, the ARE forum is still down. However, I just found out their FTP site is still up. Here is the direct Link :

If you, like me, are still trying to study for your architectural registration exams while the site is down, this is vary useful… especially if your searching for the vignette alternates. If you don’t know what the ARE is… then sorry for wasting 10 seconds of your life to read this.

iOS7 Halloween Hack… sort of



A Co-Worker told me about this hidden setting… It essentially inverts the default color pallet of your phone. At first I thought it was just the colors of the app icons to make them anti-apple, but then I quickly realized it does it to all the menus in the apps themselves as well as pictures.

This invert trick turned the blues to a cool orange color and made pics of my son’s look like zombie kids… perfect for halloween if you can stand browsing web pages and what not like this… worst case you can always change it back.

Here’s where to toggle the setting:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Invert Colors

Wha-La… a halloween interface!

ARE Forum Substitute Alternate



I know some of the traffic to my site deals with folks in building architecture… if your one of them and your in the process of getting licensed in the States you’ve probably been like… wtf…. is down… again.

Well fear not. Coach from those forums seams to have launched his own forum site to help peeps studying… layout is very similar but his site address is the following

Note sure how long ARE is down or if its ever coming back up, as its been down for more than a week now, but here is alternate, perhaps replacement… who knows.

Pass along the word to any others that could benefit from this info.