If your unfamiliar with SOPA, your can find out more about it here… but essentially it is a bill currently being discussed that is supposed to protect itelectual properties from being pirated illigally on the internet… such as movies and music. However this bill would cause more damage than good… First of all i doubt it would seriously stop online piracy… however it would swing the pendulum over way to the other side and make it way to easy for various parties to limit information that passes through the internet…

Essentially this would fatally damage the way the internet is free and open to all information, and these types of bills could make it way too easy for someone to control what information is passed through the internet… making search engines, money transaction sites, information sites like Wikipedia, and other major information avenues of the internet stop showing results from sites they deam to be “illegal”. These types of bills would be the start of a major censorship of what Americans see on the internet, defeating the main reason behind the internet, which is sharing of information… any information… the point is we currently decide what to believe and what to discard… we should not let someone else decide what we see and what we should not…lets keep that right… contact your representatives… call them if you can… it’s more powerful than an email… but of you can only do one at least email them… you can find out who your reps are through this link on Wikipedia… which blacked out its entire site today (2012.01.18) in protest of this bill. I did both… if your looking for what words to say in your email to your rep… this is what I wrote to help in your inspiration, or if you just want to copy and paste… go for it… the point is to let our congress people know what we want.

I am writing you today to let you know my family and I are against the SOPA act, PIPA, and similar legislation. Although I understand online piracy is an issue, I strongly believe these types of legislation would not stop piracy, and would in fact cause serious damage to the free and open Internet. I hope you will (or do) understand the ramifications of a bill that would allow any party to manipulate any DNS information, as well as other issues these bills would cause to limiting the “passing on” of information for future generations. my fear is that this type of bill will give to much power and control of limiting a currently free information highway, and could easily be taken advantage of to prevent freedom of free speech, freedom of information, and other freedoms that every united states citizen currently has a right to. I hope you consider my words here and vote in opposition of SOPA, PIPA, and similar legistlation.

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