2 Years and Still no Cable

Well, Its been two years and I still have no extended cable. I still get the regular big 4 and a bunch of PBS stations via my digital antenna in my attic, but that is it as far as a “live television” feed. I utilize my Media Center computer to record numerous shows  from those, which is great… but when I first cut the chord i was most disappointed with my history, nat geo, and discovery channels. I am a big sucker for the shows on those networks, and they don’t have any local syndicates to pick up with my antenna.  However I am now noticing that many of the shows that i watched before i cut the chord (and more still that I’m getting into) are now available on Netflix Streaming.

What does this mean… well it means it means that I just realized my family has different TV viewing habits than I did when i was a kid… and I like it. Gone are the days that i would turn on the TV and flick the 100 channels (back then compared to the 8000 now)… Instead I find my wife and myself going directly to the recorded TV section to watch what we want to watch, when we want to watch it. That works great for the big 4 network shows on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox… but it does not give me my fix for Modern Marvels, Nat Geo Documentaries, and other shows of that nature that previously fueled my need for subscribing to extended digital cable when i had cable.  However with netflix on my Xbox when i don’t see anything on my DVR simply go to my Netflix instant que which is loaded with more TV shows… The other bonus is the Xbox also has ESPN3 for live and On demand viewing of sports content that might not be shown on the big 4, but is available through that.

In hindsight the only advantage that I see cable having over how I view TV today is that it is a larger aggregate. What I mean by that is that you can go to 1 place for network TV, expanded cable TV, Non-Premium carried sports, as well as on demand movies. I get all those things now, however there are several places I have to go to get to them, rather than having them available through one interface. What I like about the trade off though is I am only paying for what I want to watch… vs. getting some top tier cable package which costs more because it comes with 700 other channels I do not watch.

I do not get these companies that have a willing costumer base, but do not provide. I know its tied up into red-tape and legal jargin, but seriously… ESPN… if you offered me to pay a low monthly fee for ulimited live and ondemand content you sell to cable providers… I would… as would countless others… yet they do not… same with the forementioned expanded cable channels TLC, Discovery, Nat Geo, etc… they are getting better with giving content to netflix, hulu, and EPSN3 on Xbox… but come on now… the model is working so what i holding you back from getting the rest of your content out there to people who are willing to pay for your content???

…I don’t get it… but in the mean time I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and getting pleasantly surprised as I see new shows, and sports on ESPN3 and Netflix… I’m interested in hearing what the readers of this article have to say about it… are you still on cable, watching netflix tv content… chime in below in the comments… don’t be afraid with the required email to leave a comment… no one see its… including me… its just a precaution to help lower spam and a requirement of my wordpress, which is what my blog runs on