FCC To Regulate TV Commercial Volume

Sick of watching some dialog enriched television program that goes to a commercial 450 times louder than the TV show you were watching… Now that I have a baby, who often falls asleep in the living room while my wife and I watch the news, I certainly do!!!

Well good news for those in the US… seems congress finally agreed on something… and that is they are pretty f’ing sick of the loud commercials too… so they finally passed a Bill, that is to be signed into effect by Obama sometime in the coming weeks, that will require advertisers to limit the volume of their commercials. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The Commercial Advertising Loudness Mitigation, or CALM, Act requires TV advertisers to ensure their ads don’t play at a volume louder than the proceeding TV program.” Once in effect, the FCC will regulate the new law, but give advertisers up to a year to comply fully. This will give advertisers use some time to get used to a new fancy pants technology that will alter their sound to be no louder than the average sound of the program it follows.

I’m skeptical as I don’t know the details to this “fancy pants technology”, but I am also glad that this is at least a step in returning to sanity, while my television is on in my homestead. If you think about it, it will help the advertisers too, making a win win scenario. They don’t crank the volume now to annoy people, or to even get a tad bit louder than the program your watching. They most likely do it so they are not any lower of a volume than the next commercial after or before their slot… What its forcing most couch potatoes to do though is hit mute when there is a commercial break, which does not do anything for the advertiser’s clients who are paying them big money for people to listen to their television add. Hopefully this Bill will set a benchmark that will prevent people from jumping on the remote to hit mute before the baby wakes up.

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  1. Finally… This is good news, I always thought it was my receiver that was going haywire after switching off 5.1 for the commercials, not that it was the signal… good to know its not that, and that they plan to regulate it.

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