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Back in 2008 netflix signed a few distribution deals, one of which is ABC, which owns Disney. Netflix most likely did this because they wanted to expand their online content, and ABC / Disney did this most likely because it is an additional income they would otherwise not receive from online content… After DVD sales and rentals the next market in my opinion is online streaming. Why I am bringing this up in this post you may be asking…well… While Netflix’s online streaming content may not have the latest blockbuster releases (although I will give them credit for continuing to expand it)… With that said, their online kids movie selection is rather quite large, with the latest Disney, Pixar, and other latest releases… If you have kids and a netflix subscription… Check out their streaming “watch it now” section either online thru your computer, or thru a netflix enabled blue-ray player, Xbox 360 console or Roku box on your living room TV with the family… You won’t be disappointed. PS… They also have a lot of the great shows from the early 80’s that my generation grew up with… now my son will be able to marvel at the awesomeness of the A-team like I did growing up… when he’s old enough… ;P

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  1. We’re considering NETFLIX as a distribution outlet for our kid and family films. My thought and would like your opinion, download to I-PAD, parents set up a PAY PAL ENTERTAINMENT ACCOUNT so the kids can download movies, etc. So far for the old weekly allowance? My guess is once this is done kids will have their own entertainment movie world and a place for some discreet advertising? Thanks, Russ Werdin

  2. Hey Russ,
    I don’t think you even need a Paypal allowance if your thinking on getting an iPad… Or at least I’m confused on how you would use it. Netflix runs it’s business model around a subscription service… For 7.99 a month you can get unlimited streaming movies directly to the iPad with the Netflix app as long as it has an internet connection like wifi, or you get the 3G model ipad, for Internet on the go. If you want non streaming movies you could always use itunes to download movies or tv shows, which would then sync and stay with the ipad. With iTunes however, I believe they hold a credit card on file and you can set the password… When you purchase something it will prompt for the password and charge accordingly. The Netflix app is pretty slick though, as long as your happy on their kids selection. And if not iTunes can supliment, or any other video u download as long as get it in, or convert it to, a file the iPad can read. Also if you haven’t gotten the iPad yet and are decided on what model to get… Head this advice…. If you have a smart phone that supports teathering you can get the non 3G model and use the phone as a mobile hot spot. And if you have an iPhone, word on the street is the next update in Febuary sometime will support mobil hotspots as well, for up to 5 devices… Meaning you can save a couple hundred $$$ geting the non-3G iPad and just utilize the built in wifi to connect your iPad to your iPhones internet / data feed to watch Netflix streaming on while your on the go… Paying for one data connection for multipal devices makes more sense to me than having to pay data fee’s for every device… Hope this info helps on your descision… Let me know if you have more questions…. Good luck.

  3. Hey Russ… read your post a second time and I apologize, as my answer above was before i checked out your website and realized you actually meant “our kid and family films” and did mean Netflix as a distribution, not as an aggregate outlet. With that said I have a little more to add… Keep in mind this is looking at your situation from my point of view… the consumer perspective.

    I tend to look at Netflix and down-loadable content as two separate media types… Netflix is streaming online, and iTunes, amazon, etc… as down-loadable permanent digital content. As far as streaming goes as a consumer i like having to go to one place… that place for me is Netflix. Here I can see multiple flix from various studios.

    If your talking about an individual iPad app just for streaming your movies outside of Netflix, I would shy away as a consumer from that. To me its just another payment, from me, to one studio company rather than giving my money to netflix to use them as an aggregate for multiple studios.

    If your talking about an iPad app that would be an aggregate for down-loadable and streaming content to watch on the ipad… then i as a consumer would check it out… as long as i knew my one time payment for what ever movie was good forever… so if i deleted the app and re-downloaded it i could still watch previous movies i bought thru the app… and as long as the digital content was good on other devices, not just the iPad… so I could download the digital version on my PC (with this same payment) to store / convert / upload to any other peripheral in my house as well.

    those are my thought anyway on iPad apps and untilizing a paypal

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