Iphone = Gadget Awesomness!!!

well… I finally broke down and joined my brothers AT&T network so i could get the iphone 4. This is the first apple product i have owned and I must say i have turned to the dark side pretty quickly. After years of purposely avoiding the crowd favorite apple À la carte products, from ipods to ibooks to the iraq i finally got an apple gadget… and I must say it is my favorite gadget to date.

For decades I’ve used windows mobile products for my corporate work email that also doubles as one of my main personal emails. The chunkiness of the windows product in comparison of the iphone user interface is light years behind.
The problem, I realized, was ignoring the fact that apple is an inventive and head of the pack type of company… (that also markets their products extremely well). I was instead hopping ships to companies that would copy apples’ product developments with their own… the problem with this was I was always on the ship in back of the pack rather than the ship leading the way.

For instance… take the zune player, which came out to match the original apple ipod…. which it did pretty well, boasting a few things the original ipod didn’t… like wifi (which didn’t follow through with an internet browser of any sort) and an FM raido (which honestly sucked as far as reception goes regardless of if i was located in rural or urban Boston areas). Overall the zune matched up to the original ipod… but after I bought this new non-apple product… apple comes out with the ipod touch a few months later.The ipod touch was the first of its kind touch screen Mp3 player… perfect for people that wanted to play games, and use apps compatible with the touch interface of the iphone, without having to hop on AT&T’s network or use the device as a phone…

So there i was stuck with the simple zune… sure it was nicer in my opinion than the original ipod, but the ipod touch… no way jose… So i decided this time in getting a new smart phone that i would not wait for the next windows imitation, and although the droid does look like a promising competitor to the iphone, i wanted to hop on the ship in front this time, rather than the one trying to catch up or next to the lead ship… i must say my expectation have been met and i have not put down my phone.

My only complaint thus far (and it really is nit-picking of a gadget geek here) is that the user interface is TOO FRIENDLY… yep… too friendly… this passes the wife test with flying colors (as she got one before, having her contract end with big V a few months before mine did) and i would go as far to say it would also pass the mom test as well… However in apples wisdom to control everything so that the user experience is as smooth as possible, some of the more advance things I would like to do get trickier… for instance… you can not access any of the iphone OS4 files to hack any custom options… easily… for example it is easy to change sounds of text messages and notifications by going to settings > sounds> and change it to what you want.. but to add custom sounds in the drop down box you have to navigate and replace the appropriate file on the phone with ssh protocols… which if you never heard of doing that… its really fun…
anyways… i though i would share my new love of this gadget and my fanboyism of it… look for more posts most likely about the iphoine as well.

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