WTF is MS kin, and why u txting w/out all da letters? damn whipper snappers!!!

I know…. its been way to long since I last posted… been busy though… going to be a 1st time dad… have to catch up on those projects before I really have no time…

But I still peruse the web and thought this was interesting to share… you might have heard about the new Microsoft “smart phone” operating system… this post is about the opposite, that has not gotten so much press yet, but its an interesting idea from Micro$oft…

When you go to a cell phone store there used to me two major categories of phones. One is the “smart phone”, which includes the iPhone, blackberry, windows mobile, Palm treo’s and others. mostly these fancy pants phones surf the web, read corporate email, and have sync-able calenders with your computer.

Well the other category is everything else, and they usually call these “feature Phones”. They usually have bad interfaces to interact with (as they were designed as phones first, then features where plopped into them) but you can text with them, surf mobile websites on some, take pictures with others, and even listen to music…. This categories is what the Kin from Microsoft is targeting.

Its not a smart phone, but a Microsoft’s own phone hardware (from a company they bought out), and Microsoft’s own mobile OS. The phone seams to be geared towards teenagers and younger that are heavily geared towards social media experiences such as Facebook, texting, picture sharing, and others. Although the interface looks like i could get used to it after a while, i don’t think my mother (who is my layman technology bench marker) would have a chance.

For those that have heard of a new Microsoft phone, this is not to be confused with their upcoming (unreleased as of yet) Windows Phone 7 that will be running on various HTC and Motorolla phones. That is their “smart phone” ship. The Kin is more of Microsoft’s attempt to put a heavily developed fun interface that you get on these more expensive smart phones, but on a feature phone.

With that in mind, I would assume that they would strike up a deal with Verizon (who will be carrying the first phones) to target a younger crowd not looking to break the bank, with special data plan deals, and perhaps even a less expensive intro price??? But Verizon has be hush hush on any pricing information on the yet to be released phones.

So far MS will have two Kin phones for Verizon to exclusively sell… ingeniously named “Kin One” and Kin Two”. You can check out their specs, and take a sneak peak of their crazy texting whipper snapper interface at their office site.