Verizon Data Plan Confusion with ActiveSync

I set out this afternoon to ask… Can I use activesync with the Verizon $29.99 data plan

Long intro short… most companies that host their own email utilize Microsoft exchange services (a software that runs on your company server)… Verizon changed around their data plans, and made it a requirement to buy a data plan with any smart phone now… rather than pricing the plans on how much data one uses (like they did before) they now seam to price it on what you use it for. One data plan is $30 and the other $45… the difference… the $30 plan description says it will not access corporate email… does this mean exchange server via your phones active sync as well… how do they block this… no outlook work calender… i use my work email for my personal email as well… wtf..? These are some of the thousands of questions i came across.

Good news is after scouring the internet I was able to learn that I can change my obsolete 10MB plan @ 24.99 to the newly introduced “unlimited” web and email plan @ 29.99 from Verizon without extending my contract 🙂 Like AT&T, Big Red says you need their $44 corporate email plan to access exchange, but in fact you don’t… I just changed my plan and I can still access my exchange server, as indicated on the all-knowing interweb forums. Incase you were slacking err… procrastinating I mean, on this glorious Friday afternoon like I am, you’ll might want to know that exchange services/servers can be configured using up to 29 various security policies… from every post I read today…no one running exchange actually sets these up though… perhaps some, or one, of these policies uses a particular data protocol that Verizon can filter out… I don’t know for sure. Some people on various forums had 2nd hand knowledge that said so and so could not access their exchange email without upgrading to the $45 plan.. I think this is bull. For all the first hand accounts I read about, 99.9% of people running exchange services with their employers can utilize the cheaper $29.99 plan and still sync up with their contacts, calendars, and emails they use with their office computer outlook program with their personal phone.

For the most part confirmed my thoughts on the topic… Verizon and AT&T are playing the stupid people card… if you say you are accessing your corporate email they can charge you as a business account, rather than the personal account you actually might have…. However, unless your phone bill is actually paid through your companies funds, there is no way they can find out, nor stop you from utilizing your phones built in active sync functionalities to communicate with exchange services at your work email system.

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  1. My wife has ATT now with the iPhone, and I still have Verizon… and I still have no problems accessing my corporate email on both providers with the “non-corporate” unlimited plans for $30 with each provider

  2. Thank you – I sat down with the phone yesterday and call Verizon to get that answer – needless to say they did not want to confirm – my wife has had the corporate plan for 2 months – I just got my phone we both tie into the SAME server – I changed her account to the 29.95 and her’s STILL works just fine…I like the stupid card comment…

  3. I’m glad this was able to help you. With the current net neutrality talks between the major cell carriers in the US and the FCC I would be very surprised if any of the exchange security protocols are blocked until there is a ruling… Hopefully congress sides with the net neutrality movement and prevents ISP providers from blocking any content… meaning the only difference between the corporate plan and the personal plan is the price your paying for it.

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