Residential solar shingles = no rain + energy savings


Dow chemical company has unveiled a new product line aiming at getting the cost of photovoltaic panels down for regular residential home owners to afford and take advantage of. The product line is called Dow Powerhouse

Some of the benefits they claim this new product line will have are
* Lower system cost
* Easier installation
* Long-lasting performance
* Improved aesthetics

which are all great in my opinion except for the last tid-bit… “improved aesthetics”
Improved to what standard and compared to what???

I welcome the lower system cost as long as the continue to improve efficiency… this should be their goal… not asthetics. People can accept a new roof look as long as the cost to benefit ratio is low, and payback period is reasonable compared to life span of the roof. I don’t get why they have to make them “look” like asphalt shingles… they never “look” like them… why try… work on efficiency and lower cost of production…. besides… asphalt shingles are meant to “look” like slate shingles… why imitate and imitation… just make them do a good job and people will accept them for what they are… oh yea… and keep out the rain too…