Microsoft Promotes Windows 7 with Thousands of Launch Parties


Microsoft thought they would try something new with the launch of their latest operating system, Windows 7 on October 22, 2009. After some people boo’d the release of Windows Vista and the various problems “they” had with Vista, Microsoft decided to get a large community behind the launch of the latest operating system… and what better way to do that than offer people free ultimate versions of windows 7 and gift bags / goodies for guests if they promise to throw a launch party to friends and families to go over some of the new and unique features Windows 7 brings to the table.

I must admit I am a huge windows media center fan and some of the features in this latest operating system are way awesome in my book. I also had no problem with Vista, and in fact find the features in Vista comendable over XP (which it should being the later operating system) I remember when XP came out there where the same bunch of people that boo’d that OS due to its incompatibility issues, in my opinion Vista got the brunt of a bad timing job combined with little pre-marketing… which gave developers a band wagon to jump onto and hence the negative energy towards Vista. OS change is inevitable, and with good reasons or we would all still be on command prompt with DOS still.

So Microsoft has decided with this Launch party campaign that they can get some hype for this OS before it gets out of the gate, which is a good idea in my mind. With that said I jumped on this band wagon to host a launch party at my house… simply for the fact that I get a free, fully licensed $500 O.S. out of the deal that I really want for my media center. I will however throw this party and show my family and friends that are interested how geeky I really am …err… i mean how neat Windows 7 can be.

Check out my launch party webpage, and other hosts, here at… also let me know if you’ll be in my area and would like an invite to my Windows 7 launch party…