How to tell if a popular celebrity twitter account is real


Ok… More and more people that I know are getting twitter accounts as they hear about celebrities and businesses that mention they are twittering on the TV, radio, or where-ever….

but how do you know if @willienelson is really the real Willie Nelson… or any other celebrity twitter or Facebook account you follow is really who they say they are…

I often go to this site called . I am sure there are other sites that do the same thing as them, but basically this site verifies people are who they say they are on these various social networking sites.

The navigation on the site has a bit to be desired for in my opinion, but you can basically search for a celeb to see if they are on Valebrity’s list, or you can browse by genre of Actor’s, Music, Government, Sports, Etc…

Try browsing genre’s of actors on your favorite show, or your favorite band and you might get updates on whats happening with them before the news covers it… good luck.