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Ok… this is a new concept by novatel wireless that I think will take the world by storm once the wireless companies catch on… the concept is a portable internet WiFi hub… before I explain what this does for people that may not know, let me explain its predecessor. If you ever bought a laptop… or listened to those cheesy Bill Kurtis AT&T “I found the internet” commercials…. you might have heard the term “mobil broadband cards”… it refers to cards embedded into a laptops allowing you to gain internet access where ever you go… thats right… all you have to do is have one of these Broadband Mobil Cards and pay about $40 / month to a cell phone company such as Verizon, sprint, AT&T, etc… and you’ll be able to get “broadband” (about the same speed as a DSL line) anywhere you get cell phone coverage…

Now comes in this revolutionary idea of the Mobil WiFi card…. basically you still pay the $40 +/- to the mobile phone companies, but they give you a thick credit card like device you can stick in your pocket that will give you “broadband internet” anywhere you go up to 5 different devices… The uses for this are very exciting… for instance the family has this card on the desk at the house… every member of the family can connect it on their personal computers and laptops… now when they go on that RV camping vacation they pick up their “internet card” and take it with them… non-stop internet surfing… very cool.

My thoughts….
Verizon, sprint, and the rest of the mobil companies should be jumping on this peice of tech with everything they got… they should be upgrading their networks to get faster speeds (and getting rid of their stupid bandwidth caps)… why do you ask… because for a cheaper price than cable or fios connections you can get still a decent broadband connection that is portable…. apples for apples… why would you not pay $10-$15 less for an internet connection you can share with family and friends devices, that you can take anywhere you go… on your commute to work, beside the pool, and the grandparents, at the ski lodge…. its endless… very cool stuff…

now all these companies have to do to outrun the cable and other land line companies is get rid of their stupid “bandwidth caps”… which is still the only downside of the card, limiting you to around 5 gigs of bandwidth service per month… which is not much for one person, never mind a household of 5 users… for comparison, although I am a heavy internet user, I use anywhere around 75 to 200 gigs of bandwidth a month for my house… I guessing most average users don’t use close to that much, but I bet its more than 5 gigs / month….

get with itvmobile companies…. get rid of your caps and you’ll be sitting on a gold mind.

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  1. the link in your comment is broken… however, looking at the title of it… it probably has nothing to do with technology for the end user, architecture, or anything else I usually blog about… so I probably won’t blog about MJ… unless they found that he died from invisible micro-waves produced from his MiFi card :)… sorry to disappoint you.

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