Photoshop tip, photomerge tool

Photoshop and the rest of the Adobe CS suite are some very powerful software packages… I know a lot of people that have…err… “dowloaded” the adobe software suites, but don’t realize the potential things they could be doing with it. Some of it is just outright amazing… I thought I would explain one tip that a simple end user might find useful in their personal photo collection. The tip is about the photomerge tool… it is basically used to combine a few pictures into one panoramic picture… automatically!!! my example uses 2 pics, but you can do it with how ever many you might want… Click the picture below to see how to do this in Photoshop.


Ok… this is so easy you will love it… basically open up the photos you want to merge in photoshop… the go to File -> Automate -> Photomerge like the picture below.

Now simply click add open files (or you can browse to add more). On the far left side of the window that popped up the auto option will be selected by default… leave it at this for now and click ok…. or try playing around with the last option called interactive layout… the interactive layout will allow you to drag and “snap” your multiple pictures together.

After you click OK with the auto option it will take a few seconds and then compile it all into one picture similar to what it did for me below… because Photoshop had to manipulate some of the photos to align them, it might be stretched out wired like it is below… A simple fix is to use the crop tool, which I have selected in the picture below and make a nice square box around the picture to crop it. Now all you have to do is click save as, and save it as a jpg, or any other file you want.

good luck with all those niagra falls vacation pics and large sunset panaroms you want to create!

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