google chrom has java now

Google Chrome, Google’s new internet browser, finally has Java support… for those that have not heard… google has decided to venture into the browser world to compete against the likes of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera.


It has been available in beta form so people could try it out before it was actually “released” but all these previous beta versions did not support Java… which 80% of the internet is now a’ days… fortunatly it supports it now, so try away.

I have not used Chrome much, but some neat features include a thumbnail preview of the most frequent pages for easy clicking… it also lets you choose what search engine you want it to use… (not just Google)… so if you go into the address bar and type a question rather than a www. address you’ll get results from whatever search engine you set it up to use. Check out their video below to see some other features and how to remove thumbnails you don’t want displayed, and where to download it if you want to try it… so far its only available in windows… sorry Ubuntu and Mac fan boys… but google says the current version will be reaching those platforms shortly

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  2. I must say I pretty muched switched from Firefox 3.5 to the latest Chrome browser for my default web browser… Once you get used to it… its pretty damn slick

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