google chrom has java now

Google Chrome, Google’s new internet browser, finally has Java support… for those that have not heard… google has decided to venture into the browser world to compete against the likes of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera.


It has been available in beta form so people could try it out before it was actually “released” but all these previous beta versions did not support Java… which 80% of the internet is now a’ days… fortunatly it supports it now, so try away.

I have not used Chrome much, but some neat features include a thumbnail preview of the most frequent pages for easy clicking… it also lets you choose what search engine you want it to use… (not just Google)… so if you go into the address bar and type a question rather than a www. address you’ll get results from whatever search engine you set it up to use. Check out their video below to see some other features and how to remove thumbnails you don’t want displayed, and where to download it if you want to try it… so far its only available in windows… sorry Ubuntu and Mac fan boys… but google says the current version will be reaching those platforms shortly

Photoshop tip, photomerge tool

Photoshop and the rest of the Adobe CS suite are some very powerful software packages… I know a lot of people that have…err… “dowloaded” the adobe software suites, but don’t realize the potential things they could be doing with it. Some of it is just outright amazing… I thought I would explain one tip that a simple end user might find useful in their personal photo collection. The tip is about the photomerge tool… it is basically used to combine a few pictures into one panoramic picture… automatically!!! my example uses 2 pics, but you can do it with how ever many you might want… Click the picture below to see how to do this in Photoshop.


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BIM, the new CAD

I think its absolutely amazing that my generation is living in the technological revolution. Twenty years ago most people knew nothing of computers, and today almost everyone in every industry can say it interacts with computers in some fashion. More importantly we are now at the point where the computer is only the wheels to the future, and the software we are developing is the actual car. Take for instance the cell phone… just a computer, but add the software of blackberries or iPhones and its way more than just a phone… another example is the Banking institution… ATM’s were the start… now millions of people using online banking. Architecture is another industry that was transformed by computer tech with the introduction of CADD drawings, and now it is about to be transformed again. I assume most people have heard of the acronym CAD (or CADD depending on how you spell) in the architecture profession… it stands for Computer Aided Drafting and/or Drawing. Although CAD has transformed the industry ten fold in terms of construction documents for buildings and structure, it is about to be replaced by something more complex, but way more efficient software system… something called BIM, or Building Information Modeling. click the pic to read more…


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how to wipe your windows computer clean… for real

I have a lot of people always asking me what do I think is wrong with their windows computer… my answer… who cares… just format the thing… well not many people know how to do this… here’s a quick 101 on how I set my computers back to what it is before I bought them…this works great if you think you have spyware, virus, or your registry is messed up… click the pic below to read my whole article.

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Check out my page about QAM feeds for your TV

I added another page on how to get free HDTV with just basic cable… this page talks about QAM tuners which is a secret signal you can get thru a basic cable subscription to get HDTV without having to pay the extra fees for digital classic or getting that huge set-top box… check out what I have to say about QAM here