Amazon HD streaming goes live


Amazon recently launched a service for TV shows and eventually movies called instant HD for streaming HD content to not only your computer… but with various TV models (read Sony Bravia and Panasonic Viera cast compatable TV’s) it also works with certain HD Tivo boxes… what this means is you would be able to go to the menu on one of these devices… select the amazon instant HD menu… pick your movie and watch it. This is great as it is a step in where digital media needs to be… no more wrappers, boxes, or wasting gas to pick up a movie… this would mean lower prices as studios don’t have to produce all this gargin and shipping costs as well… read more about here.

3 Replies to “Amazon HD streaming goes live”

  1. Yea… thats kind of stupid when you think about it though, because if you have the roku netflix player… you obviously have a netflix subscription… and if thats the case why would you pay $2.99 for Amazon instant HD, when you can get it thru netflix’s original roku interface for free… the only thing I can think of as for the reasoning is a bigger selection… although I can’t verify that as I have not compared the two services head to head.

  2. You can get new releases through Amazon, while Netflix only has older movies and B movies available for watch now.

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